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Garage Door Installation Maple Shade

If you need a garage door installed at your home, be sure to call on the professional services of Garage Door Repair Maple Shade. Our family-owned company has been successfully installing garage doors at area homes for over 20 years. We take the drudgery, the danger, and the hassle out of trying to get your new door installed correctly, and throw it all out the window. With our affordable assistance, your new garage door will be installed safely, conveniently and correctly. Be sure and call our telephone number for free estimates, more details, or to make an appointment.

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There is more to installing a garage door than just hanging it up – much more! A real, professional residential garage door install involves:

  • Safety procedures – your new garage door weighs in at an average of 200 pounds. It moves up and down on hinges and is connected to your home's electrical supply through your opener system. Heavy weight plus electrical supply = possible recipe for disaster.
  • Style considerations – your garage door must always match the building style of your home. If not, it will look ridiculous and lower your property values.
  • Options – your garage door comes in many sizes, materials, colors and options, like windows and insulation treatments.
  • Many different parts – over a hundred to be more exact! All must be in good working order and must be attached correctly in order for your garage door to work right.

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As you can see, a lot of details go into just choosing the right garage door and we haven't even covered financing and the installation process itself! Don't be discouraged though – Garage Door Repair Maple Shade makes the whole process look easy. So don't wait for a better deal – you won't find it! Our installation services are safe, affordable and totally hassle free. Call today, set up an appointment and see for yourself!

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